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oh piss [06 Jan 2010|01:45pm]
[ mood | awake ]

as of decemeber i've had my livejournal for 7 years. damn!

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i'm coming back to south jersey, comment if you're happy [08 Dec 2009|11:18pm]
[ mood | good ]

i know some people are going to be pissed at me (alyssa), but i am LEAVING Rutgers.
Yeah i don't like saying it, but i'm doing so for LEGIT reasons.
I HATE economics. I'm not feeling it at all, it's not what i want to do. My true, i wouldn't say passion, but goal is to be an accountant. I can't do that here at Rutgers. Accounting is a sure job after college and the only thing i've expressed interest in. Why waste over ten thousand dollars of my parents money in something i'm not going to use or appreciate. I'm doing ok in my classes so i'm not leaving on a bad note.


I'm leaving RU after finals.. i haven't told my roommates, i feel really bad. They'll have to get some new guy.
But after i leave i'm taking a SEMESTER OFF. I really need a break, this is my fourth year. I'm going to work my dick off for the next 9 months. Hopefully I can get some work at Casel's and get some other job. By christmas i'm going to be at least $4000 in debt and i need to get rid of that. I may take a class at accc.

I was walking through campus today thinking about how i would miss it, but i'm only missing the campus itself. I have no new friends up here and i'm usually unhappy. I don't really care if stockton has an AuBonPain or not.
I should have my Stockton degree in accounting in two years with my CPA doing something i want to do. I'm sort of optimistic about my future.

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09-09-09 [10 Sep 2009|12:16am]
[ mood | bored ]

i meant to update this 16 mins ago so it would still be 09-09-09. I;ve been updating on days like that for a few years now. oh well

School is looking rough. Two of my classes are already kicking my ass. I hope i can pull through this semester, i just need to try harder i guess. I'm staying here this weekend, it should be a big party. Tomorrow is thirsty thursday, friday is ange's 21st b-day party, saturday is the game, and sunday i may go to philly to meet up wiht april and vince.

I'm not so depressed about being away from home as i am about my future. I don't think i'm going to graduate. I think i'm going to fail out this year, my major is not what i really wanted.. I really wanted to stick wiht business. Lack of interest in my major is not gonna help me do very well. It feels like with all this school i'm just delaying my inevitable failure. I don't have the motivation to keep going, to do well, to accomplish anything.

I don't know how this turned out to be so negative and lame but wow.

I need to find a job at school very very soon or i'm going to be broke.

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09-01-09 [01 Sep 2009|08:19pm]
[ mood | okay ]

first day of classes at school. I got here yesterday my roommate isnt back yet, he'll be here this weekend. I'm nervous about my classes, i'm an economics major. Hopefully i'll can pull through.. I'll be home this coming weekend to work for labor day and shit. I need my last couple doll-hairs. I may get a job at school.
Porkers birthday was mad fun before i left. I didn't see many people this summer, it definitely wasn't a great thing. I guess thats how things shape up. I'm trying to have a good feeling about this semester, we'll see what happens. Time keeps passing by and it doesnt wait for you.


i only want to die to see who would come to my funeral [13 Jun 2009|03:34am]
[ mood | uhh ]

i turned 21 9 days ago. party was sick. poof came down, which made things particularly nice. everyone was there i was happy with it. i had a good time. it was def sloppy times at the ewing house. my mom is away in florida for a while which is for the better, i miss her a lot already. dustin works at cvs with me now, which is cool. i have one day off a week but i'm cool with that. me and krys have hung out a few times lately and its nice, but we're not getting back together. its crazy how much has changed in the past six months. it's crazy i actually had a girlfriend for as long as i did.
my grades in school are lame, i'm not gonna be able to stay in the business school. I dunno what to do with my life. I can't wokr at casel's forever, speaking of which its my 6 years on july 8th i think. How ridiculous is that. I didnt get a raise this year and i dont think i'm gettin my usual overtime so i'm gonna bitch till i get it but work is kind of lame.
I dunno where i'm going with this entry. Went to maynards tonight with xChristineX and jade. Katy was workin so she hooked it up wiht a nice pitcher. Saw jimmy bell and jim debeer as soon as we got there. good to see them. saw mad high school renuion.. keith egan, jon rivera, erin, gretch, sean beirne, olivia, molly, matt cadira, justin falasca. haha its funny how much has changed since HS, i ignored a good amount of people. it was fun though. april as comin, but she came and forgot her ID, then she went back and realized she lost her wallet, then she ran out of gas in margate... picked her up went home and got my dad's gas for the boat, nig rigged that shit and gave her half a gallon.. comp;oicated shit. cynthia borrowed money from me and got drugs and gave me a sneak peek... actually more than i wanted so now i dunno how i'm gonna sleep.

this is a sloppy entry but its been a while... my life hurts but i guess i'm doin alright...

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last night at rutgers [12 May 2009|01:06am]
[ mood | ehh ]

about to go to bed its the end of the semester finally!
i'm excited to go home for real for real but i had a good tiem here.

i start work on wednesday, 7-7 i'm stoked. i'm sure i'll be over it an hour into it.
i'm also workin at cvs in two weeks. i'll be over that as soon as i walk in

i've been feelin down today.
i really miss her today
time heals all wounds

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april fools day is gay [01 Apr 2009|01:53am]
[ mood | apathetic ]

5 more weeks and i'm done school
my feet are cold


oh jeez [24 Mar 2009|02:35pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

i've been in the process of reading old LJ entries of various people from 2004-2006. makes me miss high school. shit was easy. I'm not doing anything until my class at 4.30. Bannigan is tryin to get drunk tonight. that will be cool, take my mind of things.


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eyeluvdroppedasskryz [13 Mar 2009|11:24am]
I'm real gay and I enjoy not wearing pants around other dudes
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rly [10 Mar 2009|02:08pm]
[ mood | okay ]

last night i got back into my apartment after smoking a blunt with katy & nikki when i checked my email. I got into the RU Business school for next semester! i mean this is all contingent on me passing my classes with at least a C and then getting at least a 3.3 GPA. i really hope i can pull that off. Otherwise i'll probably... drop out.. shit is intense here.

Spring break starts thursday at 8:00 after i get out of my class. Krys and Mark are coming up for the no pants party. hopefully my brother comes too. I can't wait to see krys. I'm really so in love with her I don't know what to do with myself. She makes me smile i can't wait for her to wake up so she can text me.

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day & nite [01 Mar 2009|09:49pm]
[ mood | okay ]

i just drove up the parkway in the worst conditions ever i thought iw as gonna die. half way through my 2 and a half hour trip i foudn out classes are cancelled. whatever. i'm gonna get drunk with my roommate. this weekend was really good. i got to hang out wiht krys all day long and we did keg stands the other night

i looooooooooooooooove kristy morgenweck

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[15 Feb 2009|01:44pm]
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to enlighten it would frighten you [07 Feb 2009|04:32pm]
[ mood | roxies ]

I"m at krys's house right now. Me, Krys, Cheska, Dustin, Mark, and Alyssa are all going back up to Rutgers tonight. its gonna be fun. i was just tryin to use capitals and type correctly. hah.

last ngiht was wack. fight at charla's house.. first time ever. cops came it took so long. luckily i wasn't really high or drunk anymore. shit is wack though. i've never gotten in trouble with the cops so much since i've turned 20. this is like the 4th time this eyar i've had to give my info and shit.

i love kristy morgenweck we have so much fun together. she's the best.

I can't beleive mike deleted me from BOTH facebook and livejournal. I"m not really pissed but its just.. frustrating. i dunno the situation is still gay and miss mike because he is one of my best friends. i can only say sorry so many times i just want him to move on and get past this. But who knows if that will happen. It's getting retarded.

Feeling left out is my new shit. download them.

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soo [18 Jan 2009|08:57pm]
[ mood | okay ]

my first day of real college. its been ok so far. my roommates are pretty cool. i've been playing risk for an hour with one of thenm and his friends but its boring. i'm tired becuase i took a roxy earlier. i dunno if i'm gonna try to get a job while i'm up here or not. probably not. i might smoke later tonight.
so far so good.
but i miss krys so much already!


HEY GIRL HEY. [15 Jan 2009|12:07pm]
krys is da best everrrrrrrrr. <3333333333
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