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to enlighten it would frighten you

I"m at krys's house right now. Me, Krys, Cheska, Dustin, Mark, and Alyssa are all going back up to Rutgers tonight. its gonna be fun. i was just tryin to use capitals and type correctly. hah.

last ngiht was wack. fight at charla's house.. first time ever. cops came it took so long. luckily i wasn't really high or drunk anymore. shit is wack though. i've never gotten in trouble with the cops so much since i've turned 20. this is like the 4th time this eyar i've had to give my info and shit.

i love kristy morgenweck we have so much fun together. she's the best.

I can't beleive mike deleted me from BOTH facebook and livejournal. I"m not really pissed but its just.. frustrating. i dunno the situation is still gay and miss mike because he is one of my best friends. i can only say sorry so many times i just want him to move on and get past this. But who knows if that will happen. It's getting retarded.

Feeling left out is my new shit. download them.
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I love you. You're downstairs somewhere. I keep smelling burnt hair but apparently whoever is in the bathroom smells bacon. Maybe they smell the same? UMMMM. I think not. WELL I'M GLAD YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO WITNESS ME THROWING UP. That would've been absolutely grand. I'm closing one eye as I type this. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to see straight. HIT THE LIGHTS SUCKS. Mark's asleep. Where are you? Why am I typing this? Hahaha. This is probably the longest Livejournal comment ever but it will probably be a lot longer. Actually, I take that back. It doesn't smell like burnt hair. It smells like burnt sugar cookies, for real. Like that's all I can smell. I hear Alyssa yelling "FUCK YOU!" Hit the Lights? Maybe. Hopefully. Ewwww, why are you still downstairs. Come cuddle with me. Oh, I hear you. "It's Ryan!!!" Hahaha. What the fuck is going on?
Wow, did I really type all of that? And coherently?
you were still logged into kays computer. but you probably had to squint one eye the whole time lol i love you