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i only want to die to see who would come to my funeral

i turned 21 9 days ago. party was sick. poof came down, which made things particularly nice. everyone was there i was happy with it. i had a good time. it was def sloppy times at the ewing house. my mom is away in florida for a while which is for the better, i miss her a lot already. dustin works at cvs with me now, which is cool. i have one day off a week but i'm cool with that. me and krys have hung out a few times lately and its nice, but we're not getting back together. its crazy how much has changed in the past six months. it's crazy i actually had a girlfriend for as long as i did.
my grades in school are lame, i'm not gonna be able to stay in the business school. I dunno what to do with my life. I can't wokr at casel's forever, speaking of which its my 6 years on july 8th i think. How ridiculous is that. I didnt get a raise this year and i dont think i'm gettin my usual overtime so i'm gonna bitch till i get it but work is kind of lame.
I dunno where i'm going with this entry. Went to maynards tonight with xChristineX and jade. Katy was workin so she hooked it up wiht a nice pitcher. Saw jimmy bell and jim debeer as soon as we got there. good to see them. saw mad high school renuion.. keith egan, jon rivera, erin, gretch, sean beirne, olivia, molly, matt cadira, justin falasca. haha its funny how much has changed since HS, i ignored a good amount of people. it was fun though. april as comin, but she came and forgot her ID, then she went back and realized she lost her wallet, then she ran out of gas in margate... picked her up went home and got my dad's gas for the boat, nig rigged that shit and gave her half a gallon.. comp;oicated shit. cynthia borrowed money from me and got drugs and gave me a sneak peek... actually more than i wanted so now i dunno how i'm gonna sleep.

this is a sloppy entry but its been a while... my life hurts but i guess i'm doin alright...
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