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i meant to update this 16 mins ago so it would still be 09-09-09. I;ve been updating on days like that for a few years now. oh well

School is looking rough. Two of my classes are already kicking my ass. I hope i can pull through this semester, i just need to try harder i guess. I'm staying here this weekend, it should be a big party. Tomorrow is thirsty thursday, friday is ange's 21st b-day party, saturday is the game, and sunday i may go to philly to meet up wiht april and vince.

I'm not so depressed about being away from home as i am about my future. I don't think i'm going to graduate. I think i'm going to fail out this year, my major is not what i really wanted.. I really wanted to stick wiht business. Lack of interest in my major is not gonna help me do very well. It feels like with all this school i'm just delaying my inevitable failure. I don't have the motivation to keep going, to do well, to accomplish anything.

I don't know how this turned out to be so negative and lame but wow.

I need to find a job at school very very soon or i'm going to be broke.
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