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i'm coming back to south jersey, comment if you're happy

i know some people are going to be pissed at me (alyssa), but i am LEAVING Rutgers.
Yeah i don't like saying it, but i'm doing so for LEGIT reasons.
I HATE economics. I'm not feeling it at all, it's not what i want to do. My true, i wouldn't say passion, but goal is to be an accountant. I can't do that here at Rutgers. Accounting is a sure job after college and the only thing i've expressed interest in. Why waste over ten thousand dollars of my parents money in something i'm not going to use or appreciate. I'm doing ok in my classes so i'm not leaving on a bad note.


I'm leaving RU after finals.. i haven't told my roommates, i feel really bad. They'll have to get some new guy.
But after i leave i'm taking a SEMESTER OFF. I really need a break, this is my fourth year. I'm going to work my dick off for the next 9 months. Hopefully I can get some work at Casel's and get some other job. By christmas i'm going to be at least $4000 in debt and i need to get rid of that. I may take a class at accc.

I was walking through campus today thinking about how i would miss it, but i'm only missing the campus itself. I have no new friends up here and i'm usually unhappy. I don't really care if stockton has an AuBonPain or not.
I should have my Stockton degree in accounting in two years with my CPA doing something i want to do. I'm sort of optimistic about my future.
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