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this isn't the way we planned

i wasn't supposed to forget your taste

x ryan x
3 June 1988
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$, 86 mph signs, a static lullaby, adventures to margate, aim, alcohol, anti-flag, armor for sleep, as i lay dying, atlantic city, atreyu, away messages, bagels, banana phone, band shirts, bands, beach, beer, beloved, blue, boardwalk, boredom, boys night out, brand new, burr, bus schedules, car rides, cd booklets, cellphones, chain smoking, cheese danishes, chick-fil-a, chicken fingers, chief, coffee, computer, cute girls, dasani, doubleshot, drunk, eating, egyptian rat screw, emo, entertainment, evergreen terrace, fall out boy, finch, frappuccinos, friends, from autumn to ashes, from first to last, fuck that shit, fun, get up kids, glassjaw, good times, green, green day, guitar, haha, hilarity, hometown hero, hopesfall, hot water music, how i do, icons, in the face, index cards, internet, jeans, jersey, keepsake, kfc, learning guitar, less than three, mae, making fun of people, mall, matchbook romance, mean, midtown, milano cookies, money, morning, music, my chemical romance, name taken, new found glory, non zip-up hoodies, non-shady, northstar, not working, orbit spearmint gum, pacsun, philadelphia, poison the well, post-its, premium malt beverages, public transportation, punk, rise against, roadtrips, rude, rufio, rushashanana, scene, scensters, science, senses fail, shoes, shows, silverstein, sleep, slick shoes, snow, stage crew, starbucks, story of the year, stretch armstrong, studded belts, summer, swimming, taking back sunday, the early november, the green, the movie life, the reunion show, the starting line, the used, the wa, thrice, throwdown, thursday, tight shirts, train rides, train schedules, trains, tv, unarmed children versus bears, underoath, unearth, walking, water, wawa, wawa coffee, when forever fades, whiteout, yellowcard, you know, your mom